Vehicle Tracking and Security Sollution

SPIRE Services & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides Companies with a platform for Tracking Vehicles in real-time and Tracing Vehicle Movement Histories. We provide system users with map-based GIS Dashboard, SMS and email Alerts and Analysis Reports to ensure that Companies have more visibility and Control over their Transport or Operations.

With Transport Solution, Businesses can Manage Order Booking including Passenger Ticket Sales, Transport/Freight Orders, and Vehicle Chartering, Plan and Schedule Journeys, Assign and Manage their Employees, Track their Vehicles throughout their Journeys as well as provide a Customer Portal allowing Customers Online Reservation and Booking Facilities with the Option of Tracking Vehicles they are booked on.

The Vehicle Control Center provides a Central Control Center for all Vehicle Activities including Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring for Speed Levels, Breakdown Management Activities such as Service Vehicle Dispatch and Journey Re-Sheduling as well as Vehicle Maintenance Activities such as Scheduling Preventive Maintenance along with Organizing Unscheduled Maintenance Activities as and when required.

Can you Afford Not To Know?

  • How are driver / employee / hire driver using your vehicles?
  • How much over time is wasted by driver during transit?
  • When is vehicle maintenance due like service,
  • Are company vehicles being used for other purposes?
  • Are you losing customers due inefficient service render by you due to mis management or under utilization of your vehicle.
  • Are deliveries/service calls being completed in the most time-efficient manner?
  • Are you not benefiting from the latest technologies?
  • Are you missing easy ways to control / monitor your vehicle to optimize the assets utilization?

GPS Sollutions

    Ticketing / Chartering / Freight Transport
  • Facilities for Passenger Ticketing and Freight Transport Order on Prescheduled Journey .
  • Facilities for Vehicle Chartering for Passengers/Freight.
  • Reservation & Booking against Space/Vehicle Availability.
  • Facility for Online Order Booking .
    Scheduling & Routes
  • Route Maintenance with Route History and Profitability.
  • Vehicle Assignment and Time Table Maintenance
  • Employee Assignment and Roster Maintenance .
  • Scheduling of Vehicle Charters
  • Facilities for Re-scheduling in case of Journey Exception/Vehicle Breakdown .
    Journey Tracking & Analysis
  • Facility for Enabled Vehicle Inspection on Journey Departure/Arrival .
  • GPS/GPRS Vehicle Tracking with Location Data Storage .
  • Geo-Fencing feature to ensure Vehicles remain in Assigned Area .
  • Speed and Fuel Level Monitoring with Alerts .
  • Journey Analysis by Driver, Vehicle and Route with Performance Metrics Monitoring .
    • Vehicle Maintenance
    • Vehicle Maintenance Contract and Service History .
    • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling .
    • Facilities for both Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance .
    • Parts Requirement Planning and Procurement .
    • Parts Inventory Maintenance with Reorder Levels Maintenance
    • RFID Based Parts Inspection upon Departure and Arrival.
      • Financial Management & Analysis
      • Automatic Revenue Maintenance .
      • Customer Credit Limit Maintenance with Alerts .
      • Cash Bank Receipts/Payments with Interbank Transfers and Bank Reconciliation .
      • Support for all Tax Types including VAT, Service Tax, TDS, Excise and Future Tax Updates .
        Alerts & Notifications
      • Facilities for System Alerts, Email Alerts and SMS Alerts .
      • Journey Tracking Alerts for Speeding, Route Deviations and Journey Exceptions .
      • Vehicle Maintenance Alerts for Parts at Arrival/Departure Inspections .
      • Other User-Customized Alerts .
      • Journey Analysis Reports .
      • Performance Analysis Reports—By Driver, By Vehicle, By Route.
      • Sales & Vehicle Utilization Reports .
      • Vehicle Maintenance History .
      • Vehicles Status/Location Reports.
      • Vehicle-wise, Route-wise Financial Reporting .
      • Customer Sales & Outstanding .
      • Other User-Customized Reports.
        Vehicle Control Center
      • Central Command Center for all Vehicles .
      • Command Center to Driver Communication .
      • Departure/Arrival Inspection and Maintenance Scheduling .
      • Interface to GIS Dashboard for Real-Time Vehicle Position .
      • Exception Management with Breakdown Vehicle and Re-scheduling Facility .

      System Architecture

      • GPS provides the vehicle’s Geographical Position in terms of latitude,longitudeandaltitude.
      • Real Time Track & Trace System collects location and telemetricdataatregularinterval.
      • Data thus collected in the Vehicle Mounted Hardware is transferred to Web Application using Wireless Communication Technology.
      • At any given point of time, the movement of the vehicle/container can be tracked and traced on a map to the point of utmost accuracy.