Radio Network Services

Radio Network Planning and Design

Radio Network Planning Services include radio network and transmission planning, dimensioning, coverage prediction, nominal and detailed planning with different radio network planning tool, site selection and survey, antenna design, parameter setting, frequency planning, initial tuning and documentation. Network planning services are classified in two main categories

Radio Network Design Planning

    Radio Network Planning services include:
  • Propagation Model tuning
  • Nominal Cell planning and Coverage analysis
  • RF site survey
  • Access network and Backhaul planning
  • Transmission LOS Survey
  • Initial Tuning
  • New Frequency / Code planning
  • Interference Reduction Analysis
  • Capacity planning and Traffic Load balancing
  • Parameter planning
  • Site Removal / Re-Location planning
  • Frequency Planning
  • Site database &Neighbor list planning

Radio Network Optimisation

  • SPIRE RF Optimisation Services guarantee a thorough optimisation of the network and an improvement of network performance within the customer defined constraints. We determine areas for improvement and specify the required input data - measurements, network configuration data and other data about the technology used in the network, analyse the data and determine the changes needed to optimize the network performance. SPIRE optimisation services includes a split of the radio network optimisation process in five sub process
  • Radio Network Audit
  • Radio Network Verification
  • Radio Network Benchmarking
  • Radio Network Field Optimisation
  • Radio Network KPI Optimisation

In-Building Solution

    SPIRE offers In-building solutions for 2G/3G and WiMax technologies, one of the fastest changes in mobile network rollouts that is occurring inside the buildings.
    As a part of Network Planning we offer following services :
  • Identification of potential buildings for IBS
  • Trace and identify coverage and capacity weak spots in building
  • Propose best suitable RF source to resolve pretending problem
  • Design distributed antenna system using passive, active elements and prepare complete link engineering diagram with each antenna's EIRP proposal report
  • Implementation of IBS solution with best professional way without disturbing aesthetic of building
  • LOS & Link Planning to connect site/repeater
  • RF parameter planning for site/repeater
  • RF walk test and call quality testing
  • IBS solution fine tuning for coverage, quality and capacity
  • Maintenance of IBS solution
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